Legal Online Poker For Kentucky Residents

Long story short, poker is legal in Kentucky, provided certain conditions are met. While the state usually takes an anti-gambling stance, authorities are generally easy on poker players. This website will show you some of the legal facts about playing poker in Kentucky.

Is Poker Legal In Kentucky?


The state of Kentucky used to take an aggressive stance against online casino owners, including major players like FullTiltPoker and PokerStars. While their action wasn't a total success, they managed to take down several small casinos back in 2008. Nevertheless, there is no history of authorities going after poker players, nor are there any laws forbidding you to wager your money online. We could safely say that, for now, Kentucky residents may play poker online.

Legal Online Poker Sites For Kentucky Residents

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Kentucky residents can play poker at most of the major online poker sites. Here are our top picks.

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Intertops is one of the oldest online casinos on today's market. They don't only offer poker rooms, but also a lot of casino video games, slots and sports betting. Bonuses are worth mentioning – your first deposit is topped, dollar for dollar, up to a limit of $200. They organize frequent freerolls and some monthly lotteries. Add an enthusiastic customer support department that actually cares about your needs and you get the perfect casino!

Kentucky Poker Laws

Organizing a friendly round of poker at home with your friends is allowed, provided you are not making a profit from it. This law goes in line with what most states deal with home gambling: you are not allowed to rake the pot or charge players for sitting in. Should you be found guilty of doing this, you are committing a Class A misdemeanor and, if you earn more than $500 from such an activity in one day, you may even be Class D felony.

Just to be on the safe side, do not host poker games for profit. This also means that you, as the host, shouldn't accept any gifts from your guests whatsoever – as difficult and absurd as it may seem, do not accept beverages and snacks from your friends, but rather offer to pay for your share.

Kentucky doesn't condone organized gambling altogether, so if you are running a game of poker and trying to make a profit then you are breaking the law. In other words, you are unlikely to find poker rooms in licensed casinos.

However, there are some charitable organizations that operate under slightly different rules. As an exception, a handful of other forms of gambling, like horse track betting, are fully legalized and have been operating for a long time.


Note: As a final note, please keep in mind that the information presented on this website shouldn't in any way be taken as legal advice. We are a group of poker players who wanted to straighten out some facts about the legality of playing poker in Kentucky. However, if you want further information or are unsure of the facts presented, you are highly advised to contact a lawyer.

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